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Timbangan Duduk SONIC A7
Timbangan Duduk SONIC A7
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Timbangan Duduk / Bench Scale SONIC A7     

Merk          : SONIC    

Model        : A7    

Kapasitas  : 30kg s/d 500kg     

Pan Size    : 30 x 40cm - 40 x50cm - 50 x 60cm - 60 x 70cm - 70 x 80cm    

Made in China      

Seated Scales is a scale with a platform size of 30 x 40cm up to 80 x 80cm where the display is located on a pole that stands on the scale unit. So that the display is not easily knocked by items to be weighed and easy to see the scales. for these scales capacities ranging from 10kg to 600kg depending on the size of the platform that is needed.

We sell a variety of scales and accessories according to your needs. Our products are of superior quality so they can be relied on for long-term use. Contact Person Dedi Kurniawan (WA 081287004600 /087875771114) Email:

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